Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where Could All This Possibly Have Come From?

S.San Francisco Victorian
I have the most interesting job. I never quite know where I'm going to end up when I get a client call.  I once drove 3 hours to the hills of San Francisco for vintage rocket ships. When I arrived, the client led me down a steep set of stairs alongside his Victorian. Far below the street, he opened a side door and led me inside. Flipped a switch and I was standing in the biggest dug out basement I've ever seen. He had literally tripled his square footage with this. The ceilings were 15 feet high. It was filled with antiques. FULL. When this garage door was opened, it was like looking down into a pit.

Recently, I got what I thought was a rather typical call. A woman's mother had passed away and she had to sell the house contents. She was just getting ready to have a dumpster delivered to get started. I stopped her quick. People always tend to throw out the paper and keep the china. In all her piles of "to be recycled" I found old fashion model shots from the 1940's.
Large photo 1940's model
      Her Mom had been the one to inherit things from both sides of the family. She had just kept it all boxed up. Thousands of antique photos, many from the 1850's-1870's. Here is one photo from a rare set of Victorian shoe store photographs. A shoe cobbler at work on a Victorian shoe.
Set of 5 Interior Shots Victorian Shoe Store
I love this photograph. This is the heirs great grandmother with her mom, aunts and uncles. I love the look on the boy face, "if I move, grandma is going to let me have it!"
Early 20th Century Generational Photo

After I spent an afternoon there, I realized the estate was anything but typical. There were alligator covered trunks, charming 1930's aprons, a vast collection of old childrens books, sterling silver serving dishes, 19th century glass, and so much more. I'll be going through boxes from this family for a while. 
I'm putting items up for sale daily on my site: I am selling the estate on consignment so that the heirs get as much value as possible from it. Here's a few more items from this wonderful household. 
1930's Deco Lines Strawberry Apron
19th Century Hobnail Glass Opalescent
Handpainted China Painting Lidded Bowl, 19th Century

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  1. Oh, how I envy you! I can't imagine the feeling you must have when you first lay eyes one such treasure troves....