Monday, January 10, 2011

Avatars, Logos & Your Identification


I'm someone who is a visual learner. When I remember things, I think of the exact action I was going through at the time it happened and what was around me. Makes it easy to remember my keys.

Perfect pottery logo piece by bitofbutter

So when my favorite sellers change their avatars, it completely throws me for a loop. I cannot identify with them at all-unless I happen to run across an item I saw last time I was in their shop. The only exception to this are sellers with strong memorable names that made an impression. But even that can be dicey without the avatar to back it up.

Simple visual would be a perfect logo by tippleandsnack

I see my avatar as my logo. Hostess isn't going to tweak their Twinkie logo. Every time an iconic brand even changes their logo a little, the public flips out. Remember the Gap fiasco a few months ago?

Now I know, we're just minor players in the giant world of commerce. Hardly iconic. But that doesn't mean our customers identify with our brands any less. When it comes time to buy that Valentine or Fathers Day gift, don't you want to be memorable?

An ideal hip avatar piece by vimvigorvintage
Your logo doesn't have to be something you're selling. It can be something that gives the flavor of the type of goods you offer. Check out this little owl. He would be an ideal logo for the right hip shop.

Mid Century logo, simple & clean by mascarajones
Perhaps a more mid century look is what you're after-something that stands out but is unique. This beautiful bird would do the trick. Keep in mind, your logo should be clean and clear. The most visually striking aka memorable avatars are those that are easy to see.

If you don't have a specific avatar that you depend on, this could be a good time to nail down your identity. It's January, a time of renewal, and a good time to do any necessary tweaking to your brand. I'm working on my overall online identity and getting it solid. A bit tricky though-someone bought and isn't using it! Grrrrrrr.

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