Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Rare Estate Part 2

The best laid plans of mice and men-ah, we know how that goes! My day has gone awry again. Awry seems to be my vocabulary word of the month. First that estate up North that is the best ever, then the snowstorm, power outage and sick baby. Today I was heading up there again! But the Uhaul I rented died in my driveway. (I won't go into the quality rant I have building up inside me)

So instead of gathering up items, I'm back here at long last with some of the fabulous items from that magical estate, as well as some interior shots of their home. If you've looked at my shop you may have seen some of the items.

A view of a kitchen corner-look closely!

1920's Coffee Grinder & Brewer
Back side of same grinder
First of all, I've seen small coffee grinders. But I've never seen the huge ones that this estate has. The coolest one is in the shape of a coffee pot and is red & chrome. Wow!! I plugged it and it started grinding away. I wish I drank coffee.

Antique Hobart Coffee Grinder

This couple has all sorts of coffee grinders. Big ones. Found this little Hobart beauty sitting in the garage. FYI, each of these grinders are cast iron and weigh around 90 pounds. Handy to have that 300 pound postal scale on hand! I'm glad my hubby was here to help me lift. Thanks hon.

Random assortment of amazing antiques

Coming up next from this overflowing estate, dozens and dozens of 19th century flow blue china, all different patterns, more headlights, bicycle lights, railroad lights, military antiques, jewelry to die for, and more and more and more. I'm letting them set the pace. This estate could keep one seller busy for years. Here's a photo of just a bit of the flow blue china in one of the two dining rooms. 

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  1. What an incredible haul! Congrats. I'd loooove to have that coffee grinder.