Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Branching Out

This next week, I'm going to jump into a whole new world. The world of fiddle playing masters, novice musicians, eager young violinists & the roaring Yuba River. Along with my fresh faced 8 year old I'm attending the Sierra Fiddle Camp! Held around the world by Celtic Fiddle master Alasdair Fraser, these camps are lauded as the best creative musical outlet there is.

Then there's me. The only time I've held a fiddle is when an estate has asked me to sell one. This camp doesn't just let me hang out as a guardian, it requires that I pay as an attendee and take classes. So here I am, the novice & the talented 8 year old, ready to conquer Celtic fiddling.

Here's my big girl & my little girl! 

I doubt I'll find any vintage goodies along the edge of the Yuba River. That said, if there is any to be found, I'm the girl to do it! Maybe my treasure will just be learning to play a simple tune on the fiddle and enjoy my week with my daughter. It'll be a blast.

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