Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Inventory Problem, A Sale & Chickens Too!

Estates, estates, estates. I have a funny problem. (funny odd, not funny Ha, ha) My office resembles an antique store. A packed antique store. Shelves tower over my desk, filled with a vast array of diverse items. Staring straight ahead I can see a Victorian china doll, a mid century modern sculpture, an antique tabletop stereoscope, a bunch of board games and piles more. And yes, I keep the LED Christmas lights on year round. They're very happy looking.

So I'm having a 1/4 off sale! I decided there was no point in being delicate about it. I need to make space for the new estates that are coming in. I've just been given a huge collection of Victorian children's glass toys, several old quilts, boxes of 19th century photos, a bunch of old tools, and a bunch more. Boxes and boxes and boxes, oh my!

I like estates because they're so diverse. So while I say I'm getting in quilts, I'm also getting the antique kewpie dolls that were in that estate. It's really amazing what I find packed away in steamer trunks.

I used a new site called to create my sale. They marked all the prices down and will unmark them when the sale is over. I see a few issues with their service that need to ironed out, but overall I'm fairly content. So far, anyway!

To inspire myself, I try to keep my office space light and cheerful. Ironically, it's rather like a cave since I have to be in a room that gets no direct sun. I don't want the antiques fading on my watch! Here's a small portion of the wall by my desk. I stick up any little thing that I find interesting. Right below that are two pieces that were done recently just for me.
I have 3 young daughters. These two pieces were done because my girls know I love Vintage Halloween. I love how the witch is saying: "Fokis Apokis", which is 7 year old speak. My 5 year old turned 6 this week. This is her ghost and jack o lantern.

I've got to get back to work now. Trying to list 1000 items before the end of the year. I have more than that to list, but it's just me here. Or rather, me and a baby, a 6 year old and an almost 8 year old. Add in a few dozens chickens, barn cats, and a very patient husband and you've got a good picture of my life!


  1. Oh yes, I can relate. I need to list. List, list, list.

    --Bit of Butter

  2. Great post, Heidi. Feels like my life! (minus the chickens and baby!) Your estate liquidator job sounds verrry dangerous to me -- so much temptation!

  3. It is tempting!! I love being surrounded by all this vintage beauty.