Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vintage Fashion: Hip, High Quality, & Unique

Vintage 1940's Fashion Photograph
I have been happily spending my time combing through estates. 14 estates are vying for attention right now.

1940's Brass & Vibrant Orange Umbrella

My favorite picks lately have been in the realm of fashion. Be it a simple brooch that adds a splash of color, a hat that finishes your outfit off perfectly or a colorful umbrella that brings cheer to the dreariest of days, vintage fashion is hip. I wear a lot of jewelry from the 1940's. People will stop me on the street to comment about my Miriam Haskell necklace that was my grandmother's. While a half century ago such pieces may have been relatively common, now these pieces are somewhat rare and truly make a unique fashion statement.

1930's Velvet & Silk Pillbox Hat

I recently came across a small collection of hats from one estate. Looking at the different styles of hats, I could almost pin point the changes in the wearer's life: when she was young and looking for Mr Right, when she was newly married, after children came along, and as she reached her 40's. Her hats started out very frivolous and stylish. As she grew older, her hats remained stylish, but the quality of the materials improved. I wonder what our closets say about us?

Mid Century Hermes Purse

Mine would see a busy Mom with a variety of stains on my many t-shirts from the Gap. You'd also get a glimpse of a woman with hopes...a silk suit (ok, it's 1 size too small), perfect for holiday shopping in San Francisco. The red dress that was worn 17 years ago on my honeymoon-which I haven't dared to try on since having my daughter 7 years ago. And 6 pairs of jeans that see daily use-and have lots of little marks all over them from tiny hands.

Vintage Matisse Copper & Enamel Necklace

But as busy as I am, I still love fashion. So, I will throw on a vintage hat when on an errand. I will wear that art deco necklace when I go over to a friend's for lunch (or even a play date!). I have a vintage jacket from my grandfather that is perfect for when the weather turns cold. I want my daughters to look back on my vintage fashion pieces and think "we can see the life of our mother right here in these things".

Vintage Platform Heels in Red Glitter

So, what do you have in your closet? I hope you have a mix of items you take for granted, items you adore and items that remind you of other lifetimes. A little variety is the spice of life, right?

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