Monday, December 13, 2010

Mommy, Etsy & Christmas

Business is ramping up well. Just hit 200 sales! Not bad since just launching the etsy shop during summer. 

But what a month. A week. A day. 

Vintage Blown Glass Elf Ornament
Things are selling daily. I'm trying to list. My 17 month old baby has discovered that she has hands and can reach anything she's got her heart set on. My office is no longer safe. I have been madly scrambling to place items out of her reach, only to have her reach another inch higher by the time I'm done. She's a clever one-using any long object she can to move that which she can't reach with her hands. What's funny is her reaction once she gets an object; say for example the vintage Christmas ornament she picked off the tree: "ooooh pretty Mama, pretty!" At least she's developing a good eye! 

My almost 8 year old daughter is the queen of all boxes. I can show her any item and she can, without measuring it, run and get a perfectly sized box. I consider this to be a very valuable skill! 

My newly turned 6 daughter loves to photograph my items. Granted, she's got to work on the blurry wiggly bits, but she's got potential! One out of every 5 is good. 

So my office is the land of high shelves packed full of antiques with small beautiful children running around below. Now that it's the holiday season, their normal fairly medium key natures are in hyper drive. They are so excited. I hear so much baby and kid talk during the day that it seeps into my brain a bit. 

Antique 1860's Stereoscope Viewer
I found myself typing the other night and realized I was typing what I planned to say to my daughter about getting to sleep rather than the listing I was putting up on etsy! "Offering a charming piece of Victorian home entertainment. Ella, it's time for bed! Go to sleep and stop chattering with your sister! This stereoscope recalls more innocent times.." Oh my. What an interesting shop I would have!

I hope you're all having a fun holiday time. I love this time of year and mailing off presents for customers just makes it so much more enjoyable. I'm helping Christmas happen! And so are my little ones, in their own way. Happy Holidays! 

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