Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to find what you've lost & avoid doing the laundry

It was an open weekend. On Friday I was filled with such hope-the whole weekend stretched empty in front of me. Anticipation filled the air.

Antique Mother Goose book-I love this rhyme and illustration

I started off thinking that I'd tackle a home project. While it's been interesting to see how big the clean laundry pile can get without falling over, I suspect its demise will come soon. I started in on folding laundry. That lasted around 4 minutes. I realized that folding laundry is likely my least favorite thing to do on the planet. I'll happily feed the pig slop, clean out the chicken coop, clean a messy kitchen from bow to stern, but not laundry.

This glimmered at me from the bottom of the box

It feels so futile. I wash, I fold, I put away. Then a small being running by at lightening speed grabs from the bottom of the newly neat pile in the drawer. Boom. Clothes everywhere, again dreaming of the day they'll be folded again. Unfortunately, I tend to get dressed the exact same way, so my bedroom isn't any better.
He almost got recycled with the box-he blended

I finally settled in to list items. Found all kinds of interesting do-dads in a plain box I'd completely forgotten about. Oops. You know that feeling when you find a box tucked under other things at a yard sale/church sale/grandmas attic and realize you're just about to open a treasure? I pretty much get that feeling every time I open a box around here. I keep finding things I'd totally forgotten about.

And I just thought it was pile of old newspapers!

So, to sum up my weekend. I listed a bunch at my etsy shop. That's good. I sold a bunch. That's great. I spent a lot of time with my three beautiful daughters. That's fantastic. And I had a late night movie streamed off Amazon with my hubby. *sigh* Life is good. The laundry can wait.

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