Thursday, January 13, 2011

Motivation, Being a Mom & Trying to sell online

What do you do for motivation? What lights that fire in your belly that makes you want to accomplish previously set-aside avoid-at-all-cost projects? What makes this all nearly impossible?

This cute mess maker is my main excuse!
Today was a day set aside for appraising vintage items for a group of women, business chores & shipping. I went to bed too late, but green tea helped with that. I hit the ground running around 9. Then the baby wanted to nurse. So instead of cleaning, photographing, and packaging up to ship, I sat down. She's so cute. Big eyes looking up at me, trying to get me to smile. I played peek a boo with her instead of blogging.

Then I realized I was feeling a little off. Realizing that I shouldn't infect all the members of the Collectabelle's group I was going to appraise for, I cancelled. (Isn't that a cute name for a group of women collecting?)

Unpacked these little bridal cuties
So I sat down and started working. Photographing was going much better today. I switched around the photo area yesterday and ditched the photo cube for a sheet hung from the ceiling. Made it so I could more freely and it let more light into the room. (the cube was 5'x 5') Then the baby needed me again. I think she's feeling off too. Then the camera batteries died. Takes 2 hours to recharge.

My friend Kelly has started handling inventory. She was unpacking boxes of amazing looking antiques and making sure they matched the lists. I've seen all this stuff before-I bought it after all-but now it looked sooo fascinating. I decided to start listing it all right away. It piled up rather quickly. Too quickly. The camera still had an hour to go.

Look what we found in a box today! 
Finally the camera was ready. But it was lunchtime. The kids were surrounding me like fruit flies. Got them all fed and realized I was starved. Lordy bee. I feel thwarted sometimes!

This afternoon I got a bunch of things cleaned. My eldest, Elinor (who is quick to inform everyone that she will soon be 8) begged to clean things. Armed with a damp rag and some Bon Ami, she went to work. She did a great job!

Found this neat cranberry piece hidden away
She begged on and off all day to photograph. Taking photos is one of her favorite things to do. Finally, fully thwarted around 4, I handed her the camera & a vintage Noritake plate. 50 shots later, she's improving!

So while I didn't accomplish the mountains of work I planned on today, I did have fun with my daughters, ate a yummy lunch and got to see all my fun inventory. Tomorrow is a new day!

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