Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Vintage Kitchen Or How to Make Inspired Muffins

My little vintage world has been whirling lately. A huge estate is coming in and I've been confounded with beautiful objects that I've never encountered before. I'll be posting some fabulous shots of these unique items on Friday this week. I'm picking them up 3 hours north, in Redding, California on Thursday.  I've never been so excited about an estate!

My kitchen. Porcelain farmers sink, wood counters, & vintage pottery

In the meantime, I've been juggling my time between my beautiful little girls, my cute hubby and Etsy. For some down time, I retreat to my kitchen. I remodeled my 1978 kitchen while I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter in 2009. (not recommended) We finished up the final details 2 days before she arrived. I still need to put knobs on 2 of the cabinets!

Garden City Pottery Pitcher offered by Nachokitty

I decided to base my remodel design on the objects that inspire me, that make me smile and lift me up. Namely, vintage pottery. I love 1930's & 40's pottery. I believe it's possible I was a kiln in a former life. I can just imagine hugging all those beautiful Bauer, Garden City & Roseville pottery around me while heating up.
My 1940's O'Keefe & Merritt stove. I adore it. 

The ceilings were spray on. I really hated them. We tore down the long tube florescent lighting and covered up that ceiling with bead board. The linoleum was replaced with soft natural pine floors that we painted green. The lighting was replaced with retro lights from Rejuvenation. Found my O'Keefe & Merritt stove on Craigs List for a song. We used salvage materials as much as we could.

Vintage blue mixing bowl offered by Nachokitty

As I clean the rest of the kitchen I'll take more photos. It falls into disarray fairly often with 3 little girls. But at least it's inspiring! Muffins anyone?


  1. Whoops tried to post.. It looks AWESOME

  2. Well done!!! What a cozy and colorful haven you have created :-)


  3. Your kitchen is beautiful, Heidi! That stove is amazing -- what a great Craig's List find! Can't wait to see the unique estate sale objects...

  4. Love that bowl holder...what is it and can you find me one!

  5. Happy to help you make yours like mine Rory! I know a lot of tricks. Mine was done on the cheap with salvage, Craigs list and off the web.

    Sarah, I love that bowl holder too. It's an old diner piece. I found it while on a business trip to the East Coast. I went to a huge annual antique show there and saw that on my way out. I snagged it and carried it home on my lap. :)

  6. I love bead board! I so want to use that in a few of my rooms. the coffee cup holder is my fav. oh, and the sink. and the curtain under the sink. ok, i love the whole stinkin room!