Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Rare Estate Part 1

Being an estate liquidator often means arriving at a house and finding everything neatly spread on a table. Sometimes it means crawling through hay in a barn. And very rarely, does it mean walking into a house that looks like 20 antique stores have exploded. But tomorrow, February 23, 2011, I'm heading into one of those rare homes.

World War II US Navy Officers Coffee Pot, Lined 

 The elderly couple that dwells in the midst of all this is such a sweet pair. They love collecting. My husband asked me what they specialize in and I replied, "if it's cool, they collected it."

Pre WWI Dietz Automobile Head Lights
19th Century Motorized Bicycle Head Light

Turn of the Century Automobile Head Lamps by Duco of London
Tomorrow I'm picking up some phenomenal pieces. I'm heading up north 3 hours and packing a bunch up. Keep in mind I could pack for weeks and weeks and still not be done. They're giving me a few pieces at a time to sell on consignment, easing themselves out of their collectible habit.

57 Carat Amethyst & 14k Gold Ring, Circa 1975

I picked up a few items last week. 19th century car headlamps, 19th century motorized bicycle headlamps, a giant amethyst ring and unusual sterling. The pieces tomorrow are really mind boggling. And to entertain you all, I'm planning on taking photos of their house interior. It'll be a treat.

Have I mentioned I love my job?


  1. Wow- what an amazing resource to have. I wish I had a "vintage fairy godparents" like that! :-) Super cool stuff!!!

  2. I wish I had vintage fairy godparents too! I sell it all on consignment for them. Hard work, but such neat stuff!

  3. OH WOW! How awesome!! PLEASE share photos! That ring is drop dead gorgeous! Good luck!!