Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vintage Indoor Time, Snow Abounds

We had a bit of a surprise yesterday. We were expecting lots of rain. We got a a ton of rain and several inches of snow too! Today the rain has been washing it away. Sunday is the 1st day of Spring, but I'm not complaining. California needs a good snow pack to get us all through the long dry season.

(View of the barn above)
On days like this I love to cook, have a tea party with my family & stay warm (which involves lots of cuddling under the covers reading with my 3 little girls. We're currently into the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe)

(Vintage embroidery hanging in my dining room)
I've got 3 pots of chicken broth bubbling away on my old Okeefe & Merritt stove. I'll freeze them for later use. Homemade soup made with some of it for supper tonight.

Tea today will be in the dining room. We'll use a 1930's era set for my girls tea. It's a children's miniature set that has nursery rhymes on each piece. My eldest daughter picked it out at the Alameda flea market when she was 6.

(Our 18th Century Hutch full of pottery. Tea set on the 3rd shelf)
Three members of our avian brood adore snow and slush. Calvin, Hobbes & Yip let us know by honking loudly with glee. How they can stand in a puddle of soft snow in 35 degree weather and have fun is beyond me. I guess it's due to their heavy down coats?

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