Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Vintage Directions

This last week two things happened to cause Nachokitty to branch out into new directions. First, Suuzi, my fellow Nachokitty seller, found an amazing collection of vintage mid century fashions. Second, a local baker who buys organic eggs from us (thanks chickens!) remembered that I am an estate liquidator and gave me a call.

The fashion items Suuzi found ranged from dresses to coats to purses. The pieces were iconic ones-fabrics you can find in photos of Studio 54 next to Andy Warhol or in London shots of Twiggy's fashion shoots. I was hooked. We've never really done fashion. It's in every estate but I've never felt that knowledgeable about it, until now. Suuzi has an amazing eye and can spot a piece of 1940's silk from across the room. Very handy when out hunting! She's teaching me and I'm learning fast.

After this I remembered a large collection of high end 1960's & 70's Italian shoes I had squirreled away a decade ago and avoided ever since. (That ignorance about fashion strikes again) Once we decided to embrace fashion, I brought out the shoes. Wow. Platform disco shoes in alligator!? We've been having fun. The leathers smell amazing and every shoe is handmade in Italy or Spain. So Nachokitty is going to be expanding the Vintage Fashion Section in a big way!

Middle of the week, my phone buzzed. The baker (who whips up amazing delicacies that I can only dream of creating) needs items for a wedding she's staging. She's also catering it. She got the clever idea to bypass the party rental stores with all their common everyday items and go vintage. She remembered me and found my shop on Etsy.

Yesterday we worked and set out a bunch of sterling, crystal and silver plate items. We used my kitchen island since the space is so large. Using a late 19th century lace tablecloth set the tone nicely and dressed it up. I didn't quite realize we had quite this much sterling!

She ended up renting several pieces for the back of the buffet for the wedding, as well as my large vintage trays. It's going to give the wedding a wonderful one of a kind flair that will wow guests. I can't wait to see photos! I'll do my best to share them here. It's in May.

So Nachokitty is helping out with cool vintage weddings & getting hip with Fashion. Being open minded and flexible sure has brought us some neat opportunities!


  1. This has got to be one of the coolest postings I've ever read! How awesome that you'll be instrumental in helping make this wedding reception a real one of a kind! And I'm sitting here drooling over that ruby thumbprint? bowl in this last picture! Is it in your shop ;-)

  2. Wonderful connections...hope it is fabulous for you!! LOTS of fun clothing...I remember those things. :)

  3. What fun and funky clothing finds! Good for you!

  4. What can I say, I love vintage and antique clothing. The craftsmanship, quality, and the style. Of course, antique corsetry is cooler to look at then to try on. 60s clothes are great because they are wild, but still comfy. I'm excited for the wedding and I really hope we get pictures of it.

  5. How very exciting! There are places in England that rent vintage tea party china. Imagine a party with your vintage pottery, ooooh.

  6. Great post and wonderful ideas!!! I rent out vintage all the time--and I use it in my catering business, too.