Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where is Everyone?

I've been working round the clock lately to get things up and listed. Estates have been coming in like hotcakes and the wonderful women that help me list have been in hyper drive. Great items too-some hard to find antiques, some cool mid century & and of course, our foray into vintage fashion.

With all this work I was expecting results. I mean, it feels good to list items, get the shop organized and have business coming out of my ears. Those are great results. But I was expecting customers.

What's happened? Is it Spring? Is everyone outside all of a sudden, Etsy long forgotten? Is it the sad reality facing people around the world with wars and disasters? Are we not blogging enough? Not Facebooking enough? Or is it something I haven't really considered, like pricing or quality of items?

Are you buying vintage now? If you're not, why not? I have to admit, I'm not really buying much now. I'm more into purging and cleaning up than adding things. Plus I've just been spending my time finding items, working with estates and growing the business. Add in caring for the Baby, keeping up with my 6 & 8 year old daughters & trying to find time to sleep and you'll see why I'm not lounging around browsing the web.

Friday I took the day off and went out hunting for treasure. Found a bunch of great items. Tonight I'm working on getting them online.

While it's tough not to see business booming, it's still a great job. I love being surrounded by all these beautiful things.


  1. I am feeling your pain my friend

  2. This is my season affective disorder theory of shopping: I find March and early April to be yucky times of the year, because at least where I live, it's still brown and you just want to see green. I truly think a lot of people are into doldrums around now, but once the trees and grass start turning green, they will perk up again and start spending the green.

  3. It has definitely been slow the last month or so. I noticed a downturn after the earthquake in Japan. I think when disasters occur, that maybe people hold back a little to see how it is going to affect the economy. I'm spending time going through what I have and getting it in my shops so I'll be ready when people start to buy again. 8-)

  4. This has been one of the strangest retail seasons I can remember. My "safe" inexpensive items are still sitting on the shelf and my pricier "luxury" items are moving like crazy.... who knows.... could all change tomorrow. Meanwhile, I sure do love that silver compact you've got there - may have to find that on etsy when you get it posted!!