Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vintage Inspired Handmade Rocks!''

One of my favorite down time things to do is prowl Etsy's Handmade category for vintage. I love how modern artists reinterpret old styles and whip up something something magical. Sometimes it's just a newer version of a vintage item (which is fantastic, especially if it's impossible to find the original version) or it could a completely original creation that was inspired.

Vintage Inspired Ruffles Hat
I found this vibrant green ruffle hat this morning. I so wish my crazy wild curly hair would look good with hats! The color is outstanding and I love how the end curls up below the ear.

Peaches & Cream Scalloped Apron
I ran across this apron and loved it. Imagine how much nicer cleaning house would be wearing this! A big improvement over my sweats, t-shirt and ponytail look. I think my husband would definitely approve.

Custom Pencil Dress
The color of this pencil dress is so dramatic. I love this vintage style dress; imagine the heads that will turn! The more I shop Etsys handmade clothing, the more I don't see a mall in my future. Why dress like everyone else when there is such beauty and artistry in being one of a kind? 

Vintage Inspired Wall Decals
I love this idea. No need to repaint to get a completely new vintage look! Wall decals are such a clever concept that allow for inexpensive quick changes.

I really like how this fabric captures a vintage scene while also flattering the female form. The black, white and grey tones are so neutral but due to the activity in the scene, also very alive! Such a versatile piece that can be used for a variety of situations.

Vintage Car Inspired Purse

Wow. This is a fabulous purse! Even my 8 year old daughter saw the car element. It reminded her of the Pixar Cars movie. I think it's a fantastic piece that is a sure fire attention getter.


  1. Such a fun collection! I love the vintage trend thing that's going on these days... sure beats grunge - all just SO beautiful.

  2. Hi Heidi~Your comments about the skirt were spot on--my thought behind the design was to come up with something that the vintage-loving lady could wear on those times when it isn't practical to wear something antique, but still wanted to show where her heart lies. (And, my whole wardrobe seems to be neutrals...) :)

  3. These are all such wonderful finds. You can never go wrong with a classic style.