Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Kind of Household Used This?

I just came across the most wonderful estate. Imagine a little white turn of the century house deep in the forest. Inside were the most fabulous antique & vintage items: furniture from the mid 19th century, beautiful childrens books, chinese antiques & more.

Who lived here? 

It got me to thinking; who originally used these things? What were their lifestyles? Where did they work? Were they just middle class or upper class? Did they really use these items or just put them on display like we do today?

Take this teapot for example. Silver plate & bone. It's massive. I believe this must have been in a well to do household with servents, for who would want to lift this over and over to fill guests cups? (the bottom disconnects from the pot through a series of pins)

I just found this hilarious 1969 cookie jar at my local Hospice store. It made me laugh so I had to have it. I so wonder what the kitchen looked like that used this. I almost see the avocado green melamine counters. (In case you're confused, this is a dog with a butterfly on his head. It took us a minute too)

And then there is this series of Hedgehog ashtrays. Now that would be a LOT of smokers in one room! Created in the 1950's, I almost see the swanky flat these were used in. Breakfast at Tiffany's anyone?

As I look around my house, I wonder what pieces will be iconic must haves long in the future. To me it's just the salad spinner out of stainless steel. But to that vintage collector in 2050, it'll be a stand out kitchen display!

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  1. It looks like you had quite a day!
    I also enjoy thinking about how others lived and now I am wondering what nondescript items of today will be treasures tomorrow!