Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Inspired Summer Fashion

Our weather has been a little wacky, so the warm season is really just getting started here in Northern California. I went to the pool with my kids the other day and was struck by how run of the mill the swimsuits were. They all were similar cuts and similar colors.

Similarly, when I walk down the street in town, I notice we're all mostly in shorts & t shirts.

Looking on Etsy I found some fabulous retro inspired clothing that have an added bonus-they're very flattering & hide parts you might not want exposed.

1940's Inspired Play Suit: Short, Skirts & Midriff Top

Isn't this 1940's design charming? I think it's adorable. Put some cherry red pumps on & ooh la la!

1940's MultiColor Stripe Two Piece Swim Suit
This suit is so flattering! Having had 3 beautiful babies, my stomach isn't what it used to be. (despite my valient efforts) This suit has a stylishly high waist, provides more coverage around the hips & has a very eye catching design. What a brilliant design!

Vintage inspired Wrap Sun Dress
What a eye popping dress! The colors are exceptional and are so flattering. They distract the eye from any of those bits you want to hide. I love the cherry.

Have some fun this summer! Play dress up. Bring vintage into your wardrobe: your confidence will soar,   heads will turn & you'll be the belle of any event.

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