Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vintage Inspired Bling

Large Bridal Brooch or Hairpiece by nyjolejewellery

Etsy has been such a fantastic place for artists to express themselves. Artists can create and receive immediate feedback on their designs. They avoid a middleman and can reach an international audience. And since Etsy also supports the unique vintage sellers, it makes sense that artists would be inspired by those old beautiful vintage designs. 

Ruby Studded Drop Earrings by Mettlle
All of these pieces are new creations by artists on Etsy. It gives buyers a wonderful choice-go vintage or go with a new vision with vintage leanings! I love even having the choice. Pieces like these would have been near impossible to find a few years ago.

Ivory Swarovski Pearls & Flower by DivineJewel

What I love most about these pieces is their versatility. They're not just for big nights out or formal events. Jeans, a nice top and heels would support any of these beauties. Of course, you could break out a skirt too. My baby tends to play peek a boo under my skirts so I'm residing in jeans lately.

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