Monday, August 22, 2011

An Amazing Birthday Breakfast!

I am a Mommy to three charming as pie little girls. Elinor is 8, Zoe is 6 1/2 & Merren just turned 2. They are learning through homeschooling, though we did relax a lot this summer. I let them direct the way our schooling will go by telling me what interests them. One week it might be ancient Eqypt and multiplication & the next week Modern Art & writing book reports. 

My 3 wonderful daughters, all reading on the couch

One way I've taught them a lot of math, science & history is through cooking. Nothing explains the concept of fractions like cutting a cake up! So today I was thrilled to see all that schooling put to good use. I was greeted this morning by a knock on my bedroom door. My 8 year old was carrying a tray, singing Happy Birthday Mama. 

My Birthday feast with the head chef

On it was a feast! Eggs scrambled with chives, toast drizzled with honey, a cherry tomato, a mug of hot tea & a strawberry, sliced on the diagonal. Wow. No help-my hubby was still asleep in the bed next to me. She's been really paying attention in the kitchen and knows several tricks, all the safety measures & how to flavor foods properly. I see a good cook in the making! 

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