Thursday, August 4, 2011

Behind the Scenes

While I'd like to show you my antique brick loft filled with vintage, that just ain't my reality. We're bootstrapping a business so the office is actually a big room in the back of my house. There are 4 glass desks from Ikea, a shipping table (that's actually an old flour bin table), a huge 12' long chalkboard, indoor/outdoor carpet, and  a view of the backyard. Not exactly my dream space, but it functions well for now. 
This Haley. She's in charge of our inventory & shipping. She wears about 25 hats around here and helps out with a little bit of everything. 

Several people help make Nachokitty what it is. I've assembled a fantastic team of people to help grow our little business. We're evaluating items, taking inventories of estates, meeting with clients, doing appraisals, listing items on Etsy, and shipping. It's never boring around here, especially when you add the curious 2 year old into the mix. 

My desk is a hodgepoge of little tidbits I find interesting. The silver plate top hat reminds me of Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland. (I really liked him!) The Danish modern witch on her broom and wooden rabbit are neighbors. Along with the wood Nachokitty, these items all sit on top of my giant Mac screen. The owls, hat form I got from tippleandsnack, and grecian goddess scored at the thrift store are all photo props. 

Down in front is a collection of items I need to identify that I also like a lot. A small porcelain jointed doll with silk clothing, a sterling, marcasite & onyx beetle, & a brass bear. (the bear is more for looks-I don't think he'll find his way into my shop.)

Here is Kaelle, researching a cool blue & white porcelain vase. Lately she's been the queen of dollhouse furniture. We all have to be really flexible, because we never know what's going to come in from an estate.

The view outside our office is fabulous. Chickens wander by occasionally, the dog takes in some rays, and my children frolic. Right now we're photographing old quilts on the closeline. 

And here's a cartoon that pretty much sums things up. A happy zoo around here, filled with vintage goodies, laughter & good music. 


  1. Great post! Looks like you work with some great folks and I love your location.
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your world.

  2. I'm jealous of your space--this looks fabulous!

  3. Great stuff Nacho! Thanks for giving us a peak into you world, it looks awesome!