Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Auction Junkie in the 1930s

Have you been to auctions? If you're into vintage, I suspect you have. It's the best place to find things you've never seen before. Now I'm being shown an entirely new perspective on auctions: the view of an auction junkie from the 30's and 40's.

She was the mother of the estate heir I'm helping. She had quite an eye. She loved attending auctions held and would often drive for miles to find them. Walking through the long ranch style home in the California hills, I can pick out immediately which pieces were hers.

The large Mexican metal bird swaying in the foyer is signed by famed artist Sergio Bustamante. Inside the main living room, I spot gorgeous antique lamps, cranberry pink couches and a large inlaid coffee table from the 19th century.

Books overflow the shelves, pile on the floor and sit on every table. Rare limited edition publications so popular in the 1940s, all bound in fine leather and gilt pages. Oil paintings hung across the fronts of the bookcases, giving it a Victorian air. English Sterling pieces were tucked around here and there.

The bedroom jewelry boxes were amazing. An early 19th century handpainted Madonna and China pin, an antique solid sterling belt from Thailand, a timeless Zuni Sterling & Turquoise squash blossom necklace, and hundreds of more pieces.

I cherish the brief glimpses my job affords me. I get to walk back in time and enter another persons life. What an experience.

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