Friday, October 7, 2011

A Lushy Decorated Halloween Party

Found these fabulous Halloween photos on the ScarletBegonia blog and had to share. I love the idea of combining true vintage with the new vintage look, as well as incorporating some newer looking items. Electic Halloween is such a natural look. Isn't Halloween supposed to be a bit wild and over the top? 

Why not throw an outdoor dinner party?

Overloading the table gives a charming eccentric look

Dress up! Adults look fabulous dressed up!

Transform an everyday object: galvanized steel tubs add a delightful farm feel

Little pieces can often complete a room

Stack up games, puzzles, tins, & boxes for a homey fun look

It's a Halloween party! Everyone is invited!

Empty your shelves of everyday objects. Transform them with Vintage Halloween!

Nothing is cheerier than a Jack O Lantern! 

The old birdcage fits perfectly in with the fall theme

Hanging from the ceiling is such a great look

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